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Internet TV or Online TV (Internet TV) is a television broadcasting service distributed via the Internet. IPTV is often confused with the issue of Internet TV.

Although both rely on similar technologies base their proposals for delivering IP based video differs as follows:

IPTV is based on networks often acquired and controlled by telecom operators, and as such only reach the subscriber base with access to the network operator.

Internet TV is available anywhere where broadband access is available.

2- Different Platforms

As its name suggests, Internet TV encourages the public Internet to deliver video content to their end users.

IPTV uses secure and dedicated networks to deliver video content to consumers. These private networks are managed, dimensioned and operated by the service provider.

3- Quality of Service

Services that run over the Internet and Internet TV are based on the best services, implying that it is not possible to provide quality assurance of what is being delivered, ie TV service.

This happens because the packets moving through the Internet can be lost or corrupted making impossible disarmament and interpretation.

IPTV service, on the other hand, is delivered through a networking infrastructure, which is usually owned by the service provider.

Owning the networking infrastructure allows telecom operators to manipulate their systems to support the full delivery of high quality video.

4- Service Access

a digital decoder is generally used to access and decode video content issued by the IPTV system, while a PC is what almost always used to access the Internet TV services.

Since the Internet is more open than a private network, dedicated home computer may also require certification of digital rights management to ensure compliance with the laws of the reproduction right.

In the case of IPTV services, the laws of the reproduction right are treated during contract negotiations between the operator and media company providing material (movies, TV shows, etc.)

5- Rates for Users

A significant percentage of video content delivered over the public Internet is available free to consumers.

IPTV services are provided in exchange for a fee that can be a monthly subscription which could also include other package deals.

6- Media Content

In the past a good portion of the video content on TV were generated by Internet users. Today, content generated by users is grouped under the term Web TV, while Internet TV is similar to the classic transmission service but through the Internet.

On the other hand, IPTV has always distributed traditional TV programs and movies supplied mainly by the established mass media.



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