Review GVM Led Video Light 2 Pack 520 with APP Control

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GVM Led Video –


This light panel is equipped with SMART control, it can be controlled by your smart mobile device (minimum system requirement IOS 9 or Android 4). Continuous dimming from 10% to 99% and color temperature from 3200k to 5600k smoothly and accurately make professional studio, youtube, portrait photography and video shooting easy.


It is equipped with 520pcs 45 ° focus LED Beads, it can emit brighter light than other normal LED video lights. High CRI and TLCI 97+, very close to sunlight making saturation of images look more complete and beautiful.


It is made of high quality aluminum alloy with portable and stable design adapter buckle. Say goodbye to those pesky cables. With the U-bracket, you can rotate 360 ° to any appropriate angle, you can even hang it from the ceiling.


LED studio lights are compatible with AC adapter or battery power supply (battery not included) for more convenient indoor studio camera lighting or outdoor video photography lighting. It comes with a white diffuser to soften bright light.

KIT LED Bi-Color GVM 3200-5600K

  1. 2 * Luz de video LED bicolor con soporte en U y puerta de granero
  2. 2 * Difusor blanco
  3. 2 * Adaptador de corriente
  4. 2 * Cable de alimentación
  5. Soporte de luz ajustable de 22 pulgadas.

GVM Led Video –

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