REVIEW: Solar Generator Portable Power Station 500 watt

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It is the best generator for home use and outdoor power supply. With standard PURE SINE WAVE AC outlet, this portable power station can power TV, pellet smoker, etc. It has 2 USB 5V / 2.4A ports that power / charge car appliances and small electronic devices such as car refrigerators, air pumps, car vacuum cleaners, notebooks and telephones.

solar generator sungzu

3 ways of charging

You can charge the charge in 3 ways.
It comes with its corresponding wall plug chargers (5-7 hours fully charged) and 12V car charger (6-8 hours fully charged). You can also charge it with portable solar generators (not included). SUNGZU 100W 20V solar panels take 6-7 hours with a single panel to fully charge (you can plug up to 2 panels).

Enjoy nature with silent power

It is excellent for RV parties, it is easily stored in vehicles, trailers, enough to power a fans, lights and all electronic devices such as notebooks and cell phones. It’s perfect for caravanning and outdoor grill parties, fire up a pellet smoker, small home shaver, projector for a good movie, and grill party with friends and family.

The SUNGZU 500w solar generator has an LED display where you can view its charge / discharge and battery life status, etc.
Advanced Battery Management System (BMS). The power station incorporates a high quality lithium cell, with a discharge rate of 3C (2.6Ah / 3.7V) original made for the car battery pack. Battery cycle times ≥1000 times (capacity ≥80%)

Security and guarantee of trust

Shipping from USA Delivery time 3-5 days. The portable power station is certified with CE RoHS FCC, which has certified safety systems. If you have any questions about our 500W backup battery power supply, feel free to contact us via Facebook / Twitter for more details on warranty and support.

Power Station SUNGZU 500W

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