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Happy Friday at MediaBoxEnt on Amzon live stream!
For some today is the best day of the week for many reasons!
It may be a green day pay day or a ‘let’s geet ready to rest day”

Today we have an excellent tool that we have been using for long! a tool that powers up our cameras, Ipads and lights!

Sungzu Power Station:

  • Advanced battery management systemļ¼ˆBMS) with balancing technology: whole battery pack would still work if some parts are not functional.
  • High voltage battery pack: 25.9 voltage / 39 amps per hour make it high efficient in power transferring.
  • High quality lithium cell:a grade cell 3C discharging rate 2.6 Amps per hour / 3.7 Volts originally made for car battery pack.
  • This 1000W power station is different from other power stations in the market, that is because the battery pack is isolated from the battery management system/protection circuit module or board,4 fuses have to be inserted to connect the battery, which is the only model with physical changeable fuses!


  • Temperature protection
    (If the temperature is higher than the limit then the fan will start working automatically)
  • short circuit protection
  • overload protection
  • anti-plug
  • over-current protection
  • over-charging protection
  • battery balancing

It has battery balance system built in, which protects the whole battery pack if one cell is dead!

All in all these are the advantages of this power station comparing to others.

1: Battery capacity with compatible AC inverter,
2: Replaceable/changeable fuses.
3: The outer box is made of aluminum alloy, durable and in my opinion it is very sleek and convenient design!

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