Picar-Pro | Smart Robot Car for Raspberry Pi | Unboxing

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Mars Rover PiCar-Pro

If you would like to build your own vehicle with a rapsberry pi and learn to program all its integrated functions such as operating a mechanical arm or recognizing objects by camera, we recommend this Mars Rover PiCar-Pro.
The vehicle kit comes with an aluminum alloy body, acrylic sheet top layer and robotic arm, four wheel drive, camera and built-in ultrasonic module.
(The Raspberry Pi board is NOT included).

2 in 1

You can mount the robotic arm or the light and ultrasound range module. You can disassemble and assemble it as many times as you want.

Multiple functions

Distance measurement, object movement tracking, tracking, real-time video transmission, ultrasonic obstacle avoidance, etc. Combined with various functions, you can play all kinds of interesting games with your friends, such as a wonderful car racing show. (Application compatible with iOS and Android).

Ideal for any skill level

Whether you are a professional, enthusiast, or beginner, assembling your new robotic car kit will help you learn how to create circuits, program sensors and actuators, learn about the Internet of Things (IoT), and get hands-on programming, coding, experience in electronics and robotics.

Remotely Controlled by APP. Equipped with 12x WS8212 serial RGB LEDs. Raspberry Pi board is NOT include.

Mars Rover PiCar-Pro

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