Kodi users are being 'spied on'

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Kodi users are being ‘spied on’ with a plugin that knows if they are broadcasting free TV and movies illegally

Kodi ‘spyware’ could find out if users are viewing illegally transmitted material in their boxes; A new plug-in has been installed on some versions of the Kodi software without user approval.

“Spy” users by monitoring the content that people transmit in their boxes.

If the software ‘KN Addon Caretaker’ detects illegal content, it shows a message warning users to uninstall it if it is ‘harmful’.

The message will not disappear until users comply, according to the report.


The new add-on, created by German developer Kodi Birger Jesch, monitors potentially illegal software installed on a device, according to the TVAddons report, a popular library for third-party add-ons.

It is hiding in the new versions of the Kodi masks of some developers, which change the appearance and, often, extend the characteristics of a user’s Kodi configuration.

Developers of at least two Kodi masks, Estuary MOD V2 and Embuary, have deployed the software in their new update, which means they are installing it without user approval.

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