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Blocking ads across the network through its own Linux hardware

No software is required on the client side Install by running a command: curl -sSL | bash |

Block more than 100,000 ad service domains

Block ads on any device

Blocking at the network level allows any device to block advertisements, regardless of the hardware or operating system.

Improve the overall performance of the network

Since ads are blocked before they are downloaded, your network will perform better.

Reduce the use of cellular data

Match your Pi-hole with a VPN to block ads along the way and save on data costs.


curl -sSL | bash|

CanaKit 5V 2.5A Raspberry Pi 3 Power Supply

SanDisk Ultra 16GB MicroSDHC

KuGi Raspberry Pi 3 Model B case PC Protective Case

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Motherboard

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