Mechanical Gaming Keyboard | 19 Modes RGB Light | Blue swiches

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Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

If you want more space on your desk to move your mouse, check out the Hiwings Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. It’s an excellent compact gaming keyboard that feels very well-built and looks sleek in most computer setups. It has exceptionally low wired latency, full RGB backlighting with individually-lit keys, and all keys are macro-programmable with the companion software.

Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

4 Connectable Devices Simultaneously

It can connect with 4 switchable Bluetooth channels with FN + E/R/T/T/Y in wireless mode and helps you maximize your efficiency. Meanwhile, the keyboard can be used normally in wired mode.

Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 4 devices connectable simultaneouly
Mechanical Gaming Keyboard dual modes connection

Full Anti-Ghosting & Blue Switch

You can set macros to any key on the board, and you can enable some of the keys to act as arrow keys. It’s available in several Cherry MX, Gateron, and Kailh switches, so you can get the feel you prefer.
This keyboard’s typing quality is excellent. While larger keys with stabilizers feel a bit mushy, all keys are very stable overall. Due to its compact size, the keyboard may take some getting used to and can cause muscle fatigue, especially during long typing sessions.



61 Keys/Blue Switch/Bluetooth 5.0


It features 19 RGB backlight effects, single color, configurable RGB color, brightness and backlight speed. For do not disturb, press FN + L to turn off the backlight.

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