GVM Dimmable Bi-Color 900D LED Video Light and Stand Lighting Kit

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GVM 2 Packs Video Light and Stand Lighting Kit

Designed with lightweight and durable construction, you can carry this light around with you wherever you go.

Product characteristics

This is professional photo and video LED light with 896 LED bulbs. Its useful life can reach 70,000 hours and a CRI 97+.
You can manipulate the brightness and temperature directly from the application, making your work more efficient.
The temperature range is from 3200K to 5600K and you can control the brightness between 0 and 99%.

The kit includes

  • (2) 900D Bicolor LED Video Lights
  • (2) light stand
  • (2) adapters with power cables
  • (2) Battery cables
  • (2) Professional soft diffuser
  • (2) Barn doors

( DC15V / Sony V mount battery power supply. )

Long useful life

It is made of high quality ABS and comes equipped with a cooling fan that greatly assists in the heat dissipation of the LED.

It can be placed on the light stand, anchored to a light guide or on the desk, providing versatility in lighting small and large spaces.

It is perfect for setting up your own professional studio in any environment.

Guarantee trust

GVM 900D LED lights include one year of customer service and 1 month warranty.

GVM Dimmable

GVM 2 packs dimmable bi-color 900D LED video light and stand lighting kit.

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