GVM 80W Continuous Output Softbox Lighting Kit with Bowens Mount

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GVM 80W Softbox Lighting Kit

The LED floodlight has a dimming range from 0% to 100%, color temperature of 5600K, CRI (Color Tear Index) ≥97, highlights the most natural skin tone, making the portrait more attractive and realistic.

super led bead

High Applicability

The LED video light is equipped with the standard flexible Bowens bracket to mount different kinds of lampshades, softbox, soft umbrella and other accessories. By adjusting the manual grip bolt you can control the light at a 180 ° angle and meet your lighting needs.

Excellent heat dissipation

With a more efficient heat sink and built-in quiet cooling system, effectively improve heat dissipation in complex overheating shooting environments, to better protect the COB lamp cord and extend the life of light.

Soften Light System

With softbox to soft the direct light and remove shadow to make perfect shooting, no flash, protect our eyes, easy to install and make perfect shooting.

Compact and portable

The light is compact (8.5×5×6.6 inches), lightweight (1.7lbs) and easy to carry.

It is delivered packed with Anti-collision foam to prevent product damage during transport.

GVM 80W Softbox Lighting Kit

CRI97+ 5600K photography light for YouTube, video recording and wedding.

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