GVM 600S Led Video Lighting Kit Detachable Light Bars

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Super versatile

This GBM 600S LED light kit serves as a ring light or fill light. It is equipped with six re
movable light bars, it can be added to significantly increase light projection and light range.
This offers more light for your photography set, makeup, live broadcast, selfies and videos.

Detachable light bars

This comes with 2 power cables and 2 of the light bars can be detached from the base to reach beyond the ring light or if you want your subject to have specific lighting, this gives you much more versatility when experimenting. different angles of the same shot.

90W high power

The light is projected by 480 high power 90W LED dots, 2 times brighter than normal ring light. It has a CRI / TLCI performance greater than 97, a cleaner and more pulsation-free light at normal shooting speeds.

Dimmable Ring Light Kit

The lighting kit can regulate the color temperature between 3200k-5600k and the intensity between 10% -100%.

All this is controlled from a knob and a display on the back.

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