Full Face Snorkel Mask Review

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Panoramic 180° View with Handler Detachable Camera Mount, Anti-Fog Anti-Leak Free Breath Design

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Upgraded Safety Airflow System: We heavily focused on airflow to maximize safety. Unlike other snorkel mask have only 2 channels or connected channels, our new snorkel mask features 3 totally separated air channels that can prevent CO2 re-inhalation, ensure your every inhalation is fresh air, not the old air makes you feel dizziness and even suffocate. Maximum fresh air intake and increase safety.

watch video on YouTube: https://youtu.be/sRonxHNOINU

Easy Dressing Straps & Buckle: 2019 Unigear new snorkel mask added 2 quick quick-release buckles, which is more easy and convenient for you to wear and take off. With adjustable dual elastic straps that is fully adjustable allowing you to customize your mask for the perfect fit.

Unigear Full Face Snorkel Mask [2019 Safety Upgraded Version] - Panoramic 180° View with Handler Detachable Camera Mount, Anti-Fog Anti-Leak Free Breath Design
Full Face Snorkel Mask

Enhanced Features: The new mask drastically improves breathability, enhances the viewing area and adds several quality features to create an unmatched snorkeling experience. There are a connected silicone ring connect snorkel mask and tube which is foldable, easy install and can prevent lose the tube. Skirt silicone adopted superior material keeping right fitting seal and comfortable, additional anti-leak seal ring enhance the dry system.

Ultimate 180°Panoramic View: Clear and flat lenses give you a spectacular sea view of underwater. Additional handler and detachable camera mount for you easy capture your adventures and share them with friends and family. See more! Touch more! Adventure more!

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