ELLIPAL Update 2.0 Hardware Wallet to Latest Version

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watch video on YouTube: https://youtu.be/HWtRyNdqYEQ

Version 2.0 includes:

We added a few more enhancements to prevent some potential threats, in particular, the supply chain attack on hardware modification and changing.

NOTE: As this attacks is specially for upgrading the hardware wallet’s security to the next level, the update file is sized 282 MB, please spare some time donwloading the file. The update on the ELLIPAL itself will take about 9 minutes to complete installing.

ELLIPAL Update 2.0 Hardware Wallet to Latest Version
ELLIPAL Update 2.0 Hardware Wallet to Latest Version

ELLIPAL operates offline, eliminating the potential for network attacks. User can store their private key in the cold wallet by importing or creating it. The private key will never touch the internet.

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Using ELLIPAL is very simple. ELLIPAL has a large touch screen. Following the intuitive UI, you can view all your actions including create an account, recover account by mnemonics and import via private key. With the ELLIPAL companion App on your phone, you can interact with your ELLIPAL both easily and securely.

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