DIY 4WD Car with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth | Review

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Assemble your own robot and control it from the PC and with its remote control

For tech enthusiasts who enjoy experimenting with putting together their own robots, today we have this built-in remote control car. You will be able to assemble it, learn how to configure it and calibrate it just by following the complete guide. It can be controlled remotely and has multiple functions.

Wireless control from different devices

In the product box you will find a link to download the detailed tutorial on how to control and adapt the device to any implementation you want.

Predefined functions

It comes with various preset functions such as object recognition and light and line tracking.
You can check in the code how they work.

Easy to assemble

The package includes everything you need to assemble the car. We recommend that if you need it, use the complete guide so as not to make any mistakes and damage a device.
Batteries are not included.

4WD car

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