DIGITNOW HD Video Capture Box – Unboxing and Review

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Multifuncional FHD Video Recorder

Capture and convert VHS, Hi8, VCR, DVD, TV BOX tapes and game consoles to digital format, also get a preview of your video via an LED display 5″.

Built-in large capacity battery and aluminum alloy casing allow you to use and play your video anywhere. The battery can be charged with the power adapter or the USB port of the computer.

It has USB & SD Ports and allows you to use a USB flash disk or SD card to save your precious videos, as well as transfer videos to computer easily (compatible with Windows PC & Mac). It also doesn’t require connecting to a computer to record or playback.


Supports AV and HDMI HD 1080P video signal input and output, with 3.5mm video input or output ports, built-in stereo speakers.

Package contents

Package content includes 5V power adapter, HDMI cable, USB TYPE-C cable, AV cable, user manual and SD card. Note: Before using a USB flash drive or SD card, be sure to set the format to FAT32 or exFAT and the maximum capacity to 128G. For best results, it is recommended to use a speed class 10 or higher SD card. The wrong format or a slow speed SD card may affect the normal use of the device.

DIGITNOW HD Video Capture Box

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