Cozy Lady Led Strip Lights

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Easy to install

The Cozy Lady led strip is excellent to decorate any environment. It is ideal for creating a soft light atmosphere for your game room or personal office.

LED LIGHTS cozylady

It has an adhesive to fix the led strip to the surfaces

Good for children

Among the various human senses , vision dominates. Psychological theory proves that colors have big effect on the development of people’s emotion, intelligence, and personality. Colors are everywhere in children’s world, and are crucial to children’s physical and mental development.
The nature is colorful, and our living environment should also be colorful.

Sync with music

Built-in Music sensor, the LED rope lights will change color (dancing) with the sound collected. They are fun for birthday parties and sleep overs!

We have 20 years of sophisticated experience in product design and manufacturing. Our goal is innovation and high quality. Our products have passed UL, ETL authoritative certification, plus multiple inspection procedures in the factory, you can use it with confidence.

The UL certificate guarantees the safety of this LED strip.

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