COOLPO – Best 360 video conference camera with microphone and speakers

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Improve your group video conferences

The smart video conference camera combines microphone, camera, and speaker in one device. The camera’s 360-degree lens shows the entire room, while 4 microphones pick up everyone within a 15-foot radius. This allows all team members to listen and be heard at the same time to create an immersive conference experience.

Self-Adaptive Smart HD Camera

Its 1080P or 720P HD resolution allows you to segment the video by creating multiple scenes in your meeting software, automatically highlighting and focusing on different people. Its 360 ° horizontal and 60 ° vertical field of view self-controlled video pan, tilt and zoom vision ensure visibility for the entire group. This device also enables 4K resolution when connected to some conferencing software that supports 4K image quality.

USB Plug and Play

No need to install any drivers, just connect with USB cable to PC, start your favorite meeting software, choose COOLPO 360 webcam conference room camera as your audio and video device in software interface.

Versatile compatibility

It is compatible with Microsoft / iOS operating system. It supports all major online conferencing software: Zoom, Skype, Google Hangout, Cisco WebEx, Microsoft Team, etc.
Make sure speeds loading / unloading the Internet outweigh least 2 M bits per second and is sufficiently stable.

Great cost effective solution for online meetings

The all-in-one 360 webcam conference room camera design allows you to buy one device and enjoy three products. It is ideal for small and medium conference rooms. The convenient and portable design makes it easy to put the PANA conference camera in your bag and easily build your smart conference system anytime, anywhere. It’s a cost-effective option to make any meeting immersive with the 360 Webcam Conference Room Camera.

Video Conference Camera COOLPO

The all-in-one smart conference solution

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