Best external drive for xbox series X and series S – Loading Times Comparison

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RAVPower Portable External SSD Pro

Unmatched Performance

Read / write speeds of up to 540MB / s, 5 times faster than a conventional HDD, handle high-end games and 4K videos in seconds, no more waiting.

Built to Perfection

RAVPower SSD Pro is made with a soft and comfortable touch-friendly zinc-aluminum alloy casing, which provides increased shock resistance and optimal heat dissipation.

futureproof mini external SSD RAVPower header

Worry-Free Data Security

ATA lock technology and AES 256 bit hardware encryption s nobody but you with the correct password can read or write data to the SSD Pro, keeps all your personal and private data away from unauthorized users.

Fully Compatible

Comes with USB C to C and USB C to A cables to work seamlessly with Windows PC (Windows 7 or higher), MAC (MAC OS 10. 12 or higher), Android smartphones or tablets with USB C port, iPad Pro, Xbox series X and series S.

gamepass xbox series

Backed by a Trusted Supplier

The core components of this industry-leading external SSD Pro are supplied by one of the top 3 suppliers in the world, ensures unparalleled performance and incredible reliability from the Solid State Drive.


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