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This electric scooter has a powerful 380 W built-in motor, the motorized scooter allows inclines of 20% and speeds of up to 18.6 Mph (30 km / h), it can travel up to 20 miles (32 km) in specific conditions. The maximum load of the scooter can reach 265 pounds (120 kg), it is ideal for walking around the city and use in urban areas.

urbanmax scooter


With double braking systems, E-ABS brake + disc brake, the electric scooter gives you the double safety; Large 8.5 ” tires provide maximum rider comfort. The bright headlight and taillight of the electric scooter make the ride safe and practical.


Keep track of your speed and battery level. The control panel will display 4 LED lights that indicate battery charge. A white LED light will turn on when normal mode is selected; A red LED light will turn on when the motion mode is selected.


Unique quick folding design, built to carry riders up to 265lbs, this lightweight electric scooter can be effortlessly carried when you’re on the go or a commute tool to work on a train, bus or school, and stow away in a compact space.


The 10AH (40 cells) all-core power lithium battery provides the scooter with superb range and battery lifespan of over 500 cycles. High capacity battery (270Wh) delivers over 20 miles travel range on one charge of only 3 hours.

URBANMAX 380W Electric Scooter

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