Best electric longboard – 1800w power with remote control and lights

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High Power Electric Longboard

Designed with a dual drive motor, each motor provides the maximum output power of 900W. The 1800W output power can make the electric longboard charge up to 330 pounds, climb a 25 degree incline and reach a top speed of 40 km / h (25 mph).


High efficiency belt drive system

The rubber fiber strap ensures higher power output and supports your maximum speed, it also reduces drag and prevents the generation of frictional heat in the longboard gear.


2.4G wireless remote control

The Longboard remote control provides total control of it, allows to regulate its speed by moving forward and backward. It also has the functions of displaying the signal strength, the display of the remaining power of the longboard and the display of low consumption, making it more intuitive and convenient.


Battery power

Equipped with 30 high-quality lithium-ion cells, the effective capacity of the battery reaches 7.5AH. The lithium ion battery provides long working time reaching up to 28 km (17 miles) of continuous use.

Colorful light on the sidewalk

The light strips on both sides of the underside of the electric longboard can switch with driving forward and backward during the riding process, illuminating the street and leaving a trail of lights in its wake.


1800W electric longboard.

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