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Excellent litter box for multiple cats

After testing the Pet Daddy self-cleaning cat litter box, we confirm that you can save a lot of time and money by not worrying about cleaning it often and taking care of more important things. Its litter with anti-puncture sensor makes it easy for you to clean it with a single button to avoid spills and with a waterproof hood suitable for outdoor use.


No odor and dust-free

This toilet provides you with a free living environment according to the cat’s living habits. Fully release your pet’s nature and let it have fun hunting and hiding.


Make Your Cleaning Easier

The cat litter box is equipped with an anti-puncture sensor, which makes sure to start the cleaning work when there is no cat in the litter box. It also has an anti-biting cover inside the machine. All the special structures can prevent cats from getting stuck in the cat toilet.

Fully enclosed design with internal rotation for cleaning, which prevents cat litter from flying and prevents cat feces odor from permeating the room. Besides, it has a soft curtain, which can effectively isolate the odor. And it finishes sterilization, deodorization and ventilation in one step.


Safety and Reliability

It measures 615360 CM and doesn’t require cleaning for up to 15 days. So big cats have room to play cat litter while producing feces. Its basin is made of PP material (BPA-FREE). The parts of the cat grooming machine are easy to assemble or disassemble. It is waterproof and easy to clean.

Pet Daddy Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box large

Automatic Litter Box

Pet Daddy

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