Automatic Cat Water Fountain with Carbon Filter | Review 2021

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Automatic Pet Water Fountains

The best way to take care of your pets’ health is to control the food and water they consume. Today we present the best product for them to always have fresh and clean water, the Pet Daddy automatic water fountain. It is an excellent smart water dispenser for pets with two modes of operation and is ultra quiet with pump and filter. It is perfect for cats or dogs.

Pet Daddy Automatic Cat Water Fountain line

Low energy consumption and electricity saving

It is very easy to disassemble or install. Just fill the container and you will have water for the whole week. Then remove the fountain container to refill or wash the fountain, don’t worry as it can be soaked and washed. And all the material is BAP-Free.

360° radar sensor and 3 water output modes

It is equipped with a smart chip that ejects water when the cat is near, which improves the cat’s drinking experience and attracts to drink water. Don’t worry, it will be able to adapt quickly. Besides this greatly prolongs the service life of the filter and pump.

The fountain has a transparent window to observe the water level and remind you to add water. You can also regulate the water output in three ways to suit your pets’ preference.

Water shortage and burning & low consumption prevention

When the water level is lower than the safety level, the red light will automatically turn on to prompt you to add water. The water pump stops working automatically when it is turned off to prevent dry burning of the water pump. It is low power consumption and can be charged with power bank.

Automatic Cat Water Fountain

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