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Fix Kodi buffering problems and Optimizing your KODI for Speed & Buffer KODI (XBMC) How to resolved buffering issue on your KODI

What is cache?

Even if you’ve never heard the term “cache” before, that’s OK. You’re probably using it every day without even knowing it. Cache is any temporary data that is stored on a device so that it can get the data faster than you, the end user, can consume it. That way any interruptions in transmission quality or network speed won’t bring your video to a screeching halt.

Types of Kodi Cache

There are several different types of cache memory that KodiXBMC uses during playback

Readbufferfactor – The “speed”

Cachemembuffersize – The “How much”

Here is the important one. Cachemembuffersize is the “how much cache should Kodi use” setting.

A word of warning: Kodi Zero Cache

Alternately, you could use “0” as your setting in cachemembuffersize. You’ll see a lot of articles about “Kodi zero cache” add-ons and tweaks. I don’t recommend 0 cache for most users – especially those of us that use Android boxes or HTPC’s with flash storage.

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