Towond Home Theater Projector with WiFi

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Portable projector with built-in 5W Bluetooth speakers

If you need to make projections, both indoors and outdoors or want to set up a cinema in your home, this portable projector is the ideal one. It features an LED lighting system that provides 6500 lux brightness in 1280 * 720 with a 50000 hour life LED lamp. Ensuring greater sharpness and meeting your expectations.

Stereo sound without interference

Experimente los altavoces estéreo duales de 5 W integrados que producen un sonido de alta fidelidad o disfrute de una calidad adicional con los altavoces externos. Para reducir el ruido, lo hemos equipado con nuestro último sistema de ventilador dual para un mejor rendimiento y una experiencia de audio envolvente.
Los altavoces bluetooth de este proyector se pueden conectar a través de su teléfono o ipad, pero no puede conectar altavoces externos mediante bluetooth.

Wide resolution compatibility and high quality display

You can display a 16: 9 HD 1080P cinema-level large screen. Its ± 15º vertical keystone adjustment, improved 3000: 1 contrast ratio and LED technology make it the perfect entertainment for movie broadcasts in meetings and outdoors.
If the projector turns off by itself while playing a movie, it may be that the device is blocking the signal due to copyright broadcasting.
Check out our Quick Start Guide before connecting the device, it will make it feel much easier to operate.

Big screen projector

The projector offers a projection size of 30 “to 300” depending on the distance (5-16.5 feet), 10 feet is the recommended viewing distance. Our home projector includes:

  • 1 · HDMI
  • 2 · USB
  • 1 · VGA
  • 1 · AV
  • 1 · SD
  • 1 · Audio

It is compatible with TV Box, Chromebook, PC, Laptop, Blu-ray Tablet, DVD Player, SD Card, USB, Video Games, PS4, Media Players and Smartphones.

Portable movie projector

3-year warranty and technical support

We offer 1-year return for full refund and 3-year free repair and professional lifetime technical support. If you have any problems with this outdoor video projector, please do not hesitate to contact the manufacturer.
NOTE: If you played a movie and the screen turns off and only the sounds remain on, that is the common problem with the projector, and you can fast forward a few seconds, the screen and sound will match at that point.

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