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Emergency Power Station

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Large Capacity Silent Portable Power Station,100W 146Wh 39600mAh lithium-ion battery. With 2 USB Port, USB:5V3A/9V2A, powerful AC and DC output.

Powerful: For smartphones, iPads, GPS, MP3s, cameras, laptops, drones, mini projectors, mini-refrigerators, car vacuums, car refrigerators, car fans, car chargers and other small power supplies.

Portable: It can be used not only for natural disasters such as emergency power outages in family life and hurricanes . It is also a must-have outdoor emergency power source. It is small in size and easy to carry,and also easily placed in our travel bags or cars when camping, and it can be brought to any place where power is needed.Added LED lighting, three flash modes: constant light, flash, slow flash SOS for help.

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