The Best Camping Fridge When You’re On The Road Or Trails

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What To Look For In The Best Camping Fridge

If you’re planning a weekend camping and need to transport food and drinks, here’s the best portable cooler from Change Moore.
It is covered with a shock-resistant metal alloy and a digital display for viewing temperature and settings. It is heavy, which ensures it is sturdy in the vehicle and has multiple enhancements for you to enjoy your free time.

change moore Car fridge

High cooling efficiency

In only 13 minutes it can decrease the temperature to -7.6°F. It is capable of keeping food and beverages frozen for more than 10 hours. The required temperature is maintained inside the cooler even after disconnecting it from the car battery.
The inside is made of aluminum alloy, which can keep the freezing effect at maximum, The portable freezer can keep the internal temperature up to 10 hours.

CHANGE MOORE car fridge efficient cooling

CHANGE MOORE car fridge photo

Great materials and better design

The cabinet thickness is twice thicker than common 42-quart refrigerators. The rigidity of the whole freezer is increased by more than 64%, It uses German advanced technology compressors and with excellent motor configuration, all internal components are designed with shock resistance. This portable fridge can maintain balance under 40° tilt angle, Maintaining excellent performance even on bumpy roads, suitable for off-road vehicles, and long distance travel.

New functions

Added locking and unlocking function to prevent accidental power off, as well as the addition of USB charging port for cell phone charging. The built-in ECO electronic control module can automatically monitor the car battery voltage, it will automatically disconnect when it is charged to ensure the car battery power.

Freezer & fridge

The Dual-Zone structure divides the freezer and the refrigerator compartment. The temperature of the freezer compartment will be 10-15 degrees higher than the temperature of the refrigerator compartment, The capacity of 42quart/40L can store up to 57 cans of 330ml Coke or 28 bottles of 550ml water or 15 bottles of 750ml wine.

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car fridge Freezer line

Change Moore Portable Car Fridge


It has 2 years quality warranty and lifetime technical support provided by Change Moore. You can return and exchange any quality problem within 2 years of the products in the store by Amazon or email.

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