SUNGZU Portable Power Station 1000W Power Supply

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Multi-Functional Portable Power Supply: while camping outdoors travelling, CPAP Power Supply or home outages; The portable generator power station has OLED screen with display charging/discharging and battery life status; the power supply work with laptops, phones, drones, car refrigerator, camera, coffee machines and etc. 25.4Ib, 2 AC outlets, 2* 12V 8.0 (MAX) DC port, 4* USB 5V 3.0A (MAX) port.

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SUNGZU Portable Power Station 1000W:

New Generation Portable Power Station Explorer: a clean alternative power, equipped with 1000W power backup battery pack(3c discharging rate lithium battery cell), PURE SINE WAVE INVERTER, BATTERY BALANCING and BATTERY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, The Portable Power Station enabled 1010Wh quiet Gas Free Generator Alternative with 1000 Watt (2000 Watt Peak) AC Inverter, USB, 12V Outputs.

Specializes Outdoors generator for Explorers: The Portable Power Station Generator is equipped with high-strength aluminum alloy shell, with various high-power AC, USB, USB-C, USB-PD and 12V outputs capable of running devices at once. You can use the Backup Bower for outdoors camping and even for CPAP machine.

Quiet Clean Exhaust-Free Power and Easy Charging: The Portable Generator Charging can be made immediately by wall socket or solar panel(not included)32V~45V, 8.0A(MAX). Full charge only takes 5.5~7 hours by wall charger. SUNGZU SD100W Solar Panel is specially designed for and compatible with SKA1000W, DO NOT choose SUNGZU 130W or 65W Solar Panel.2*SD100W Solar Panel charging SKA1000W will be perfect.

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