Shiatsu Massage Chair

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SL-Track Technology: This is a “SL” type track 3D Robot Hands Massage System that is a shape of roller trail designed to provides a full body massage.Back with four-wheel massage mechanism hands that can offer Seven massage simulation:Shiatu,kneading,flapping,knocking,kneading and flapping,kneading and knocking,extrution.

Smart Body Scan System: This 3D massage chair can automatically scan your body data, such as height, shoulder width,weight and spine, the chair adjusts the massage accordingly,you can enjoy custom fit body massage.

Zero Gravity Positions: A most effective position to effectively enjoy a massage. Zero-gravity massage chairs with armrest linkage system design is when your body under the most natural and complete relax position,it keeps body function in the best status. This relieves stress on the body and allows for a deeper, more intense massage experience.It can hold up to 6.2ft and 440lb.Music can be played when connecting the built-in bluetooth.

Foot Massage: The foot massager uses shiatsu, kneading, and rolling to relax and soothe your feet.Ergonomically designed to target the sensitive areas of the calves and soles of feet,Massages foot muscles with strong kneading action and improves circulation and sleep quality.

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