SHAREMORE Multifunction Smart Jewelry for Woman

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Wearable Personal Smart Safety Device with App-Enabled, Emergency Call, Wireless Charging Waterproof, Important Information Reminder (Necklace A)

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MART AND AWAY FROM REMINDERS – Even if the phone is set to mute or does not notice the shock of the phone, the jewelry will remind you through the vibration flash, so you don’t miss important news and calls. When you forget to bring your phone or your distance from the phone is out of range, the jewelry will also flash to remind you.

MAGNETIC WIRELESS CHARGING – With magnetic charging interface to make the charging process more stable. Built-in 10mAh rechargeable Li-Polymer battery, Charging can be completed in about 50 minutes, and can be used in one week or so on a single charge (slightly different depending on the application).

EMERGENCY CALL – When you encounter a Incident or an emergency, you will send your distress information (including geographic location) to the default emergency contact by continuously tapping the jewelry until long vibrations. Multiple contacts can be set at the same time.

REMOTE TAKE PHOTO – When the phone is turned on, you can take a photo by shaking the jewelry. Anytime, anywhere, jewelry is your self-timer artifact.

PERFECT COMPATIBLE – Support iOS / Android dual system, as long as the phone supports Bluetooth 4.0 technology, complete a simple Bluetooth connection can be used. Jewelry and mobile phones can work within three meters.

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