Review: Victure AC940 4K sports camera

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Made to measure

The Victure AC940 camera is excellent thanks to its strength and 5 meter submersible capacity. In addition, it has a water resistance of 40 meters when equipped with a waterproof case. Whether it is used for snorkeling or deep diving.

vixture 4k

Excellent video 4K / 60FPS and 20MP photo

Victure AC940 is a native 4K / 60FPS sports / underwater recording camera, optional resolution of 4K / 60fps, 4K / 30fps, 2.7K / 30fps, 1080P / 120fps, 720P / 240fps, etc. It has a photo resolution of up to 20MP. You will not miss a single painting of your adventure.

Advanced image stabilization

Advanced 6-axis EIS technology can provide gimbal-like stabilization. It can greatly improve the stability and fluidity of the video. With this you never have to worry about smooth and sharp video.

2 1350mAh Batteries and Professional Accessories

The Victure AC940 comes equipped with 2 large capacity 1350mAh batteries, 60 minutes of continuous 4K / 60FPS recording is available for a single battery. Included accessories such as waterproof housing and remote control, and multi-functional mounting kits help you expand your usage scenarios on a budget friendly budget. They are also compatible with other brands of action cameras.

Victure Action Camera

Recording never stops.

More features available

Victure AC940 is integrated with multiple functions for most configurations. Automatic power-on recording, wind noise reduction, optional effect, slow / fast motion, time lapse, burst photo, etc. Find out the camera function that will be enjoyable.

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