One Reddit user lost $500,000+ USD worth of ICX tokens

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A reminder to NEVER EVER input your private keys on any bogus website & to double check website urls entered. See:

How to protect yourself

1) Get a Ledger Nano S or Trezor ASAP, they work well with many wallets and sites like MEW and it takes less than 5 minutes to learn how to use one! Don’t delay, buy one today!

Note: It is impossible for your wallets to be hacked when using a Ledger. Brief run down of Ledger: – When you buy this unit, it gives you 24 seed words you write down on a piece of paper, these keywords should never touch your computer. If you ever lose your Ledger, you can buy a new one and restore all your wallets from these 24 seed words. The ledger protects you by never revealing your private keys. If your PC is infected, your wallets would still be fine.

2) Enable 2FA on all exchanges.

3) If you use Google Authenticator, make sure you write down your keys – not having this information means you will be locked out if you lose your phone or it gets broken. A better alternative is Authy, however make sure Devices -> Allow Multi-device is switched OFF.

4) Install Virus & Malware Scanner with Anti-key logger. A good solution is Zemana AntiLogger, this software includes both real-time scanning & anti-key logging features. All keyboard inputs are encrypted. It also gets high praises from the industry.

5) Double check all inputs. When sending tokens to a new wallet/exchange, always send a small amount to confirm if the send works before sending a large amount.

6) Don’t trust anyone. Don’t post your gains on social media with your real names attached (e.g. Facebook). See

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