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This addon offers  auto maintenance tools, it will automatically delete all the junk, it can be scheduled for maintenance, it’ll fix data base, read logs, it can even email it to you, it can also schedule backup, advanced setting for Amazon fire TV, Amazon Fire Stick, Nvidia Shield and more


“TDB Wizard began as one man with a vision to be able to provide an AIO solution to people’s needs. I had MANY MANY ideas I wanted to try and implement, but I was unsure of how to do the things I wanted too.

I reached out too many people for some help and can honestly say to this day that the only people who have helped me at all are:

BigSam (BigSams Wizard helped me impliment the View Log feature) ComRepo and Lambada (The speedtest and download dialog was learned from there functions)

If you feel I have missed you please contact me on twitter @TDBWizard

A special mention goes to Rob from Mbox ( who deserves a place of his own on this list.

Rob has been absolutely outstanding with me and has always helped me with any idea I have had. Rob has saved me months of development by doing what the Kodi community should do and share knowledge. I have sat here and watched Rob do things in TDB Wizard via Team Viewer  with complete awe.

No matter what happens along this journey I will always have a lot of time for Rob, he is by a mile an amazing person who deserves
so much credit it is unbelievable.

Thank you Rob for all you have done for me.”

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