HOW TO PAIR: Oucam Small Spy Cam Wireless 1080P

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Super Mini Spy Hidden Camera

Diameter is 1.55 inch and Height is 0.66 inch, the mini hidden camera is easy to hidden to keep an eye on babysitters, nannies, caregivers, or employees at home, work, or anywhere. You can remotely view your nannycam to know anything happened.

Remote Monitoring and Built-in Li-Battery

OUCAM Wifi spy camera has a 150° wide-angle field of view, connect a cloud network by router, you can also use your mobile phone to view live streaming 1080p footage while traveling or anywhere. The built-in battery can only last 1.5 hours.

You can use it as an indoor/outdoor camera wireless, but When you take the camera out, you must use a power bank to charge the wireless camera.

Upgraded Intelligent Motion Detection Alarm

When going out, set the camera to warn by message to your phone when motion is detected and you can set the sensor sensitivity manually (Low/Medium/High/Max) to help prevent false alarms.

24/7 Loop recording

After inserting the micro SD card, the camera will automatically record and monitor your home 24 hours all day. If it is connected to plug-in power or power bank, you won’t worry about it is interrupted, the footage will be saved in sd card. Note: When the SD card is fully recorded, the latest footage will overwrite the oldest footage.

Easy to Set & 1-year Warranty

There are only 2 steps for Wi-Fi (Only 2.4G) connection on the wifi camera, is easy and quick.
Here is the link of the latest user manual:

When using for the first time, please must follow the steps in the manual.

Provide 365 days technical support, any dissatisfaction caused by quality problems, please feel free to contact us for refund or resend.


Mini Hidden-Camera WiFi-Spy Camera Wireless 1080P

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4 thoughts on “HOW TO PAIR: Oucam Small Spy Cam Wireless 1080P”

  1. How do I share the video before it deletes itself, plug that SD card into my laptop to download and a bunch of china and gibberish popped up and no damn videos ?

  2. You cannot. OUCAM is a piece of low-res, undependable, junk. Worse spy cam ever. Most of the time, the audio does not work.

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