Fingerprint Padlock, Bluetooth Connection Metal Waterproof

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Fingerprint Padlock, Bluetooth Connection Metal Waterproof, Suitable for House Door, Suitcase, Backpack, Gym, Bike, Office, APP is Suitable for Android/IOS, Support USB charging

Fingerprint Padlock

🔒Say Bye-bye to Password and Combination Padlock.

🎉Your Finger is your Key, 1s unlock.Smart padlock with High-tech fingerprint technology and automatically recognition, safety and convenience.

🎉 The bluetooth lock only accepts Up To 15 fingerprints for its optimal performance.

🎉 Easy operation,please read the instruction before using.

🎉Smart and portable fingerprint lock can be used widely in bag, suitcase, cabinet, gym lock, school lock and bike,etc.

🎉Using the lock 30 times a day, unlock and lock each count, you can use 40 days

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