EVERCROSS Electric Scooter – With lights and 3 speeds

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High-quality battery and powerful motor

With a powerful 350W motor the EVERCROSS electric scooter can reach up to 15 MPH, travel up to 12 miles with a maximum load of 220 pounds in essential conditions. The intelligent battery optimization system ensures the safety and great performance of the battery, prolonging its useful life.

Great stability

The electric scooter for adults has dual braking system, LCD display, cruise control system, front and rear LED light. Equipped with 8 ” tires and a shock absorption mechanism that give you an extremely smooth ride for different types of roads.


One-step folding mechanism for easy portability. It can be easily folded in just 3 seconds. It’s easy to store in car trunks, under seats, and inside other compact spaces.


The brake and cruise control system is essential for your safety. Equipped with brakes, electric horn and lights on the front and rear to help with night driving.


The modern scooter comes with a 3-speed mode that makes its rider more flexible. You can control the speed according to the different conditions of the road surface. Suitable for adults and teenagers.

EVERCROSS Electric Scooter

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1 thought on “EVERCROSS Electric Scooter – With lights and 3 speeds”

  1. ive been trying very hard to get your company to answer
    for the scooter it sent me which has turned out to be a piece of
    junk .
    lights dont function
    front wheel air leak
    reAR wheel over aged or extra weak a staple went thru it
    first day riding
    wont travel more than 6 miles when battery has depleted
    it was to be and H5 model speed wont reach over 30 kmph
    brake cord popped when i tried to stop it the rear wheel
    i have not recieved one requested return phone contact or
    return pickup since i got it and paidm in full for it
    front light doesnt go on . so it cant be used in the dark
    back brakes and front wont stop it
    i need to speak to a representative or have my money

    please contact me or my daughter that used her credit card to order this amazing scooter you sold me .
    I know anything is possible that maybe a bad worker put it
    together or other , but people are not stupid
    from a 25 mile range for charge to 6 mile is a big difference
    maybe batery or program defective but no front light is a big
    change . 1st and 2nd gear no function only rides in 3rd gear
    no return comunication . only scams are done in this fashion.
    my number is mobile phone 6463453544 , leave me a text
    a time a day anything but dont scam me for my money .
    I am a senior citizen and I cant believe you have done this

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