ENSTER Outdoor Solar Powered Wireless Security Camera

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This solar security camera is the best solution when it comes to outdoor security. Its waterproof build and solar panel allow it to remain vigilant regardless of the weather or the lack of an outlet. The resolution just makes it even better, as it has a 2K high definition.

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The installation of this camera could not be simpler. You don’t have to carefully plan the positioning of the camera to make sure there is an outlet to plug into. No need to open up holes or stress about it. All you have to do is make sure that you place the camera where direct sunlight reaches it.

Fewer blind spots

This outdoor security camera has a 360 degree horizontal and 90 degree vertical rotation. Covering a larger field of view is possible thanks to the movement flexibility. You can move the direction the camera without lag by pointing through the phone app by sliding the phone screen.

Accurate motion detection

The dual detection of temperature and motion makes detection more accurate and extends its range. You will not miss the small details even if they are 40 feet away from the lens. You can adjust the detection sensitivity to find the most appropriate setting for your needs. Everything something is detected, you will receive a alarm notification in the form of a SMS or phone call.

Clear and loud two-way conversation

Thanks to the responsive and advance audio system, this camera offers a microphone and speakers with anti-noise filters and echo cancelers. You can now experience loud and clear two way audio. Even when 33 feet away from the camera, your voice will be heard. When someone arrives, you can use the microphone to talk to them. Now you can notify any carrier about delivery specifications.

Night light

This camera is equipped with 4 white lights and light sensors. When something is detected, the lights will automatically activate for 10-30 seconds. The light is capable of illuminating objects within 40 ft and record colored night vision video. This system can help scare off intruders or even light up your path as your entering your home.

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