Comica CVM-V30 Shotgun Camera Microphone

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Super-Cardioid Directional Condenser Photography Interview Lightweight Video Microphone for Nikon DSLR and Fit 3.5mm Port Canon Cameras

Comica CVM-V30

Excellent shock-absorbing: Shock-resistant structural design, can effectively reduce vibration noise. Which provides your video with more excellent voice.

Application: Specially used for video and interview for machines including camera, camcorder as well as professional video device. It can excellent to enhance the quality of the recording.

Comica CVM-V30 Shotgun Camera Microphone
Comica CVM-V30 Shotgun Camera Microphone

Low-cut Filter feature: 10dB sensitivity enhancement and 100Hz low-frequency attenuation to meet the different field Co-use.

Super – Cardioid Polar Pattern: Giving excellent off-axis rejection for desired sounds, can effectively reduce the noise of the surrounding environment to be picked up.

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