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Chasing F1 Fish Finder Drone

The new CHASING F1 water drone is a multifunctional fish finder used for observation, exploration, photography and live capture of the seabed.
Reaching up to 28 meters deep, this fishing gear allows users to capture the depth, temperature and bottom topography of the surrounding waters in no time.
The F1 fish finder’s water temperature sensing function and the underwater topography real-time return function allow users to query these factors to determine where fish are staying.

1080P camera and night vision

The 1080HD camera can clearly observe the underwater view. The infrared camera function can clearly display underwater images at night, meeting the needs of people who fish at night. It is a suitable fishing equipment for any period of time.

Search and locate fish with GPS

The F1 fish finder can be moved horizontally and omni-directionally through the wireless control of the app to find fishing spots, faster and more accurately. The GPS positioning function of the fish finder supports recording multiple fishing spots, automatic cruise between fishing spots, and realizes the return function avoiding equipment loss.

Live broadcast in HD

The F1 fish finder is equipped with a high definition camera, which allows you to observe underwater images in real time after connecting with a smartphone. At the same time, you can share it on social networks no matter what kind of environment you are fishing. The app supports one-click sharing to Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook, etc.

6 hours of battery life and replaceable battery

It carries a 4800 mAh lithium battery that works for 6 hours of continuous use, it is replaceable making it possible to exchange it quickly and continue using it. It meets the needs of fishing enthusiasts who use the outdoors all day.


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