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Keep your joystick ready for action

The BEBONCOOL charging station for Playstation 5 is designed to charge 2 joysticks at the same time, it is essential to always keep a joystick charged. You can switch between 2 joysticks without stop playing.

Fast charging and overcharge protection

The 5V / 3A cable supports un stable and fast charging for the 2 controllers. It quickly charged both controllers in 2 hours and don’t worry about removing them from the base, as the charging station will stop charging the ps5 controllers after they have been fully charged. It’s safe to leave the controllers in the charging station without fear of shorting or overloading that can damage the joysticks.

Fast and simple

Simply place the controllers in the ps5’s charger base and they will start charging. The base is firm, it holds the ps5 controllers securely.

Compact support for PS 5 controllers

The BEBONCOOL charging station is compact and stylish. It continues with the PlayStation 5 design and doesn’t take up much space on the gaming table, also it can help you to keep your site tidy. Easily dock your PS5 controllers when you’re done playing the game and help keep your controllers organized and fully charged – a perfect place to store replacement joysticks.

LED indicators and non-slip finishes

The red lights turn on when you place the dead ps5 controllers in the ps5 charging station and the remote will flash orange, when the charging station turns green the joystick will be 100% charged. The PlayStation 5 charger sits securely and has grips on the bottom to prevent it from slipping off the table or wherever you are.

BEBONCOOL charging station for PlayStation 5

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