Best Portable Monitor For Gaming | 4K with HDR 60Hz

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Premium 4K Native Resolution

It’s time to see the world in 1000: 1 4K contrast resolution with our high-quality portable monitor. This product is compatible with game consoles, especially PS5 and XBOX X / S for future gamers, ensuring perfect resolution every time. Not to mention that the brightness means you can play outdoors, camping or to the sun.

Adjustable stand and case

Position the external monitor by shifting it for a more comfortable view depending on your angle. Place it down on a travel table, on a standing desk, at your office, or even in bed. Switch between landscape and portrait view for mobile, PC and tablet connection.


Versatile portable monitor in the palm of your hands

This portable monitor can be used for gaming, work, document editing, watching videos, social media, and more. Use it in a mirror or extended mode with the best resolution available on the market.

High resolution vision and gaming display

Our 4K UHD IPS 15.6-inch display is available in crystal HDMI display. With a 3840*2160 resolution and compatibility with devices via USB Type-C or HDMI, watch games, TV shows, and play video games with impeccable vision and effect. It’s a perfect portable monitor partner.

Dual USB C Monitor

AOQ 4K portable display equipped with 2 USB-C and a Mini HDMI ports. Compatible with laptops, phones(MUST support USB3.0 or thunderbolt 3, Or use IOS/Android to HDMI Adapter), Raspberry Pi, XBOX S/X, PS4/5, Wii, Switch, TV BOX, video & audio devices. 45W Portable: The power adapter for the touch version of our portable monitor is 45W.

Ultra Slim Portable 4K Gaming Monitor AOQ

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