Automatic vacuum air sealing machine for food preservation

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Vacuum sealing machine ideal for kitchen

It can keep food fresh up to 8 times longer than zippered bags. You will not waste more meals and preparing meals will be easier, faster and cheaper.

Beleeb vacuum sealer

Low decibels and easy to operate

In the morning and at night, use this sealer machine at home in a simple and practical way that gives you a comfortable experience. Equipped with the touch panel on the top you can get what you want with a soft touch and selected buttons along with LED indicator lights.

With integrated cutter and 10 sealing bags

Incorporated with a cutter that cuts the bags automatically.
The Beleeb Vacuum Sealer Package Includes:

  • 1 Air suction hose.
  • 10 Sealed bags.
  • 1 User manual.
  • 1 Vacuum Sealer.

Multi-modes: Customize your vacuum

The food sealer machine offers a wide range of food storage options. According to your needs, you can press the button to choose the “Dry” mode for solid items and the “Wet” mode for poached, simmered or steamed foods. The stop function can further control the vacuum pressure. The sealing function can seal bags only in 12 seconds without any noise.

Premium service

For all customers, this product comes with lifetime technical support and 24 hour PREMIUM SERVICE. If you have any problem about the vacuum sealer, please contact us first, we will give you the satisfactory solution as soon as possible.

Beleeb Vacuum Sealer Machine

Organize your meals.

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