Amazon Luna Unboxing and Setup – The new amazon controller and cloud gaming service

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Built for Luna

A high-performance controller designed to provide an ideal playing experience on Luna, Amazon’s new cloud gaming service. Luna Controller is the best connection between Luna gamers and their games.

Cloud Direct gets to your game faster

Luna Controller uses Cloud Direct technology to connect directly to Amazon’s custom game servers when playing on Luna, reducing roundtrip latency by 17 to 30 milliseconds vs. a local Bluetooth connection among PC, Mac, and Fire TV.

Easily switch from screen to screen

With Luna Controller, you can star playing on one screen and pick up right where you leftoff on another. Seamlessly move between a PC, Mac, Fire TV, iPhone, iPad, or select Android phone. You can also game on campatible devices through Bluetooth and USB connections when you’re not playing on Luna.

Comfortable design, precision controls

Luna Controller is designed for comfort with an offset thumbstick and easy-access bumpers. Precise triggers, 4 responsive action buttons, and a 4-way directional pad keep your gameplay on point.

Simple to set up and use

  • Download and install the Luna Controller app on your mobile device.
  • Power up your Luna Controller with 2 AA batteries.
    Press and hold the home button for 3 seconds.
    You will see an orange light spin around the button.
  • Open the Luna Controller app and follow the on-screen instructions to set up Cloud Direct.

Luna Controller

The best controller for Luna, Amazon’s new cloud gaming service.

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