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Build your own Classic NES with Raspberry Pi

The NES Classic Edition was a miniature replica of the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) video game console. It came with a library of 30 built-in games and software used to emulate the original console. The emulator ran on an Allwinner R16, which is a quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 based processor.  


Build your own Google Assistant with Raspberry Pi 3

Build you on Google Assistant with Raspberry Pi 3

As voice recognition and natural language analysis have improved, the availability of digital personal assistants, from Bixby to Alexa or Cortana to Google Assistant, all leading technology companies continue to develop digital assistants. Recently, Google released its Wizard API for Raspberry Pi 3.  


Raspberry 3 running OSMC KODI 17.1 How To Install

OSMC (Open Source Media Center) is a free and open source media player based on Linux. Founded in 2014, OSMC allows you to play media from your local network, attached storage and the Internet. OSMC is the leading media center in terms of feature set and community and is based on the Kodi project.  


Raspberry Pi 3 as a complete Kodi (XBMC) Home Media Center OpenElec


OpenELEC is built from the ground up to explicitly include only the bare minimum of what is required. Kodi Live starts from a full Linux distribution and pars down from there, meaning your install contains large amounts of content you don’t actually need. Also, OpenELEC is an appliance – meaning trivial system wide updates including […]


Raspberry Pi 3 Tutorial: Raspbian Jessie complete installation for Beginners.

Raspberry Pi 3 Tutorial: Raspbian Jessie complete installation for Beginners.

In this video I will teach you how to install Raspbian to Raspberry Pi 3, I’ll make it simple and easy even for those who are a new at Raspberry Pi, I will explain step by step, you’ll see how simple it is!  

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