BitConnect Compounding Spreadsheet! Free!


BitConnect Compounding Spreadsheet! Free!

Download: BitConnect Compounding Spreadsheet


  • Enter initial investment amount
  • Enter average interest rate
  • Enter starting date
  • Enter Lending Wallet accumulation rate
  • Enter BCC start price
  • Enter average BCC price rise per day
  • Enter daily referral commisions (enter manually for each day)
  • Modify BCC price on each day manually
  • Modify interest rate on each day manually
  • See the Total accumulated BCC and it’s value
  • See the 1 year earnings from Lending Wallet
  • Holding with reinvesting, if opportunity for additional bonus exists
  • Calculating interest rates for each individual reinvest (and taking bonuses into account)
  • NEW! Unlocked date and investment amount fields (in case of ####### issues)
  • NEW! More reasonable average BCC price rise per day.

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